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I had gone in search of some feedback for the website recently. I felt it needed a few tweeks here and there. Although not via comments, the answers came back in very I didn’t wish to sound like I was insulting you sort of a format.

Outside of the sites text it seemed I was missing some really good high quality photographs of myself.

You are after all the business. You are Peter Donegan. I don’t wanna go searching through a website to see what the man I will do business with looks like….

Fair point. I had some good images, but they were very random…. I rang John Mc Williams. John took this photograph that I’ve been using for some time now. He’s also a good friend. Honest enough to say I like and because. But more than that he is also an extremely talented photographer.

We met on a Sunday. Spent a few hours together. As always with John, it was also time that I enjoyed I should add. We narrowed it down to variations from about 10 images.

The beauty about them is that because the quality of those taken is so high they can become black and white, low to high resolution, head shots or back to colour again at the flick of a button.

Whether it’s for media usage or just for the site…. I have to say to the time spent was a very wise investment on my part. Of course I’m just one of a host of stars Mr McWilliams has had the honour to photograph 😉

Is that Carly Simon I hear playing…. Thanks John 🙂

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Vodafone Cheer Up Ireland….



I wrote about it over on [thats my home town] but whilst I was out on a photowalk around Dublin City, on a Sunday afternoon, the landscape looked so pretty. Pretty amazing to be quite honest. [I’ve put some more pics of the day over on]

For those not from Dublin or Ireland and don’t know, the above is a seating area beside a bus stop, right beside the quays 😉 Pretty amazing ? It makes me smile and I must add looks so perfect surrounded by snow….

By the way if you are wondering why this is on my landscaping greeny blog…. well first today was very much about the great outdoors. And it was just that…. great and outdoors. Second…. anything that is to do with people being happy deserves a standing ovation 😉 see below….

The photowalk as a by the way was with thanks to Vodafone and their photo competition Cheer Up Ireland where you upload pictures of what makes you happy/cheers you up. The prize for the overall competition is a €3,000 shopping spree at Dundrum shopping centre.

A big note of thanks to the lads at Simply Zesty for a great day. Great to see people smiling…. :) Thanks Dena…..



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win 2 tickets to bloom 2009

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****************To see the winner announced – click here***********

This is now 4 tickets…… btw. 🙂

It’s next weekend. It’s the entire weekend. It’s in the Phoenix Park. And no this year year I’m not doing it…. I wish I was but the brain needs a rest 🙄

I got 2 tix to give away courtesy of Bloom in The Park.

To Win:
At Bloom last year, one of brothers snapped this photograph. It’s a great picture. But what was I thinking….?? best caption wins!!


what was I thinking...?


so….. you didn’t click the update [thats the first line of the post…. eh? no…. I didn’t think you would…. 🙄

so I put the video here as well 😆

and the winner is…………………. [thanks again dave]

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the day I met President Mary…

Peter, Martin and Mary

Peter, Martin and Mary

It took a while for me to get this and if you want to know the full story of how and why – you’ll have to read about why Peter Donegan was a bit shy here…

If you would like to get involved with Peter Donegan and Bloom 2009 via sponsorship or any other proposal you may have – please do not hesitate to contact me. Of course you can guess what I am doing!

tools of the trade…

...waterproof cameras are essential

...waterproof cameras are essential

this is my camera. The olympus U 790 SW. Why I am writing about it? Well, I have had this camera longer than any other in my career – and that includes disposable cameras! Outdoors-eee [or just me?] people have a habit of destroying everything particularly phones and cameras and people are forever asking me what I choose and why. This photo was [one of many] taken at electric picnic. To the daring non-believers this was the test.

It’s waterproof to 3 metres, shock proof to 1.5 metres and has a host of other fancy stuff that I don’t need to understand, if you do however – pop your comment or thoughts in below. My other reason apart from the fact that it’s indestructable, as far as I’m concerned, is that it can take low resolution [175kb ish] all the way up to ‘super high quality’ [magazine standard/ 3.5 ish MB] pictures.

It is for that reason an essential tool of the trade. Now where’s that hammer….

UPDATE: sept 9th 2009

i just broke this camera – trying to prove it is indestructable 🙄