The Great Garden Escape

botanic garden clock

After more than 11 years working for myself and a lifetime [minus 5 years of age] working and studying gardens and horticulture, I’ve come to the very logic conclusion that there is very little if anything I can do that does not make me think of horticulture in some or any format.

May bank holiday weekend on the horizon in mind, this is where I found myself on the last one…. ? 😉

*photo taken at The Trinket Box coffee shop, Lusk, Co. Dublin

what tree will you plant this week…?

i planted a tree...

i planted a tree...

Today is the start of National Tree week. There are loads of events on – some are free, some will be extremely boring – some will be great for the family.

Either or it is amazing the bargains that always existed in this department.

Trees don’t have to grow huge. They can also be a ‘small tree’. They can fit on your balcony. They’ll cost about €10-15. And that includes the compost and the pot. If you need for a specific place and you are unsure just leave a comment here.

In the picture I have two trees. One died 🙁 but it’s staying where it is. I have plans for that…. 😆 So I planted a fig tree in front of it. I guess I didn’t want the garden to look bare.

Fig Trees
can be grown in a wide range of soil as long as it’s well drained. They are ‘usually trained up against a wall or fence. [This one won’t]. They are self fertile and easy to grow. I chose the Brown Turkey variety. It cost me €12.