Landscaping Costs How much?

In conversation with some members of the ALCI, I decided to do a brief survey on landscaping costs, generally speaking.

All my staff are qualified in horticulture. We are members of the ALCI. I am a member of The Institute of Horticulture. Full Insurances. Quality Approved System and enough design and landscaping awards et cetera.

I think I was just having an ‘alright’ day here rather than my usual [i think I needed coffee…!] but, I must reiterate the point being made here is transparancy to the point where choice can be made and we know the cost based on the service we will get. After that, when you get that service, its just a matter of getting paid… the reason possibly for my [allowed] bad day.

UPDATE: I have decided that the entire bill of the contract mentioned that was ‘not paid – in full’ should go to Niall Mellon Township/ Garden of Hope Charity.  A trip I will make to South Africa this November. The amount is €2,750. Like a pink boat with a nice ending – that has cheered me up!

consultations are over[heads]?!



Some time ago i wrote about call out & consultation charges. [There is a difference.] A consultation is by definition ‘2 a meeting or discussion for seeking advice’. It requires professional advice based on education and experience. A call out, to differ, generally requires pricing for specific tasks as decided already by the client. [In this day and age this can almost somewhat be done by email]

The point I make is that in business time does equal money, not all of the time, but where one may spend a half day in transit and advising, whereafter a quotation and sketch/ design layout is delivered – the cost must be covered somehow by a[any business] The question I pose now is if one does not cover this cost then surely the next client is paying for it? Is this fair?

Some say it is deducted from your bill if the go ahead is given – a hidden cost still within the final invoice? Some don’t charge at all – they say – so who pays for the overheads of the business? Some simply say free advice is sometimes more costly in the end. Maybe it’s a price not advice/ consultation one needs?

The question that seems to arise is should one charge for a consultation? Any company providing professional services would say yes.