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Peter Donegan MI Hort and Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd won its first award from the Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland in October 2006.

The Award of Merit in best private garden category (over €13.000) was awarded to Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd as contractor and Peter Donegan MI Hort as designer of the fifty-five acre private garden set on the estuary of Donabate in North County Dublin.

It had taken two years to reconstruct the one famous eighteenth century gardens of Newport Farm. Donegan Landscaping was only one of thirteen companies in Ireland to receive award in 2006.

10 things you did not know about peter donegan landscaping ltd…

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1. On setting up Peter organized six to nine months credit with four main suppliers; his accountant, a plants nursery, an agrochemical suppliers and a farm supplies shop.
2. Peter borrowed the tools for his first Job from a friend of his, a civil engineer.
3. Peter is the oldest employee at 31 years old. The youngest is 19 years old. The average employee age is 25 years old. On average Peter has lost one permanent employee per 2 years & 3 months. There are 9 full time employees all have studied horticulture except one [19 years old] who will finish studying this June and Sara [Office Manager computer degree]
4. Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd was nominated for best new business award in 2001 by The Fingal Chamber of Commerce. The award was eventually given to a subsidiary of an Post. This year saw the company shortlisted for the Chamber Environment Award – the award was eventually given to Murphy Environmental & Mc Donalds.
5. To heat the office Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd uses briquettes made from recycled office paper; wood and timber from various garden projects. Envelopes are reused and sent back with a sticker saying ‘save a tree – recycle an envelope’
6. The first article printed about Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd was in March 2004 in the Irish Entrepreneur entitled ‘Getting Dirty’.
7. Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd is to be nominated for the Barr 50 awards – The top 50companies to operate their business through use of the Irish language. Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd is the first horticultural related website to be translated into Irish according to Foras na Gaeilge. The award is to be presented on Friday June 1st, the opening day of Bloom.
8. Sponsored by the company, Peter will travel to South Africa this November to build a garden for the Neill Melon trust.
9. The garden No Rubber – Soul is still without a main sponsor.
10. The prototype [blue car] was built because people thought Peter was ‘off his rocker’ and couldn’t see what he was trying to achieve. This is not the car that will be used in the show.

[correct at time of going to print May 2007]

Garden n 1 Brit an area of land usually next to a house,
for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables. 2 Also: gardens
a cultivated area of land open to the public

10 things you did not know about…

10 things you didnt know about …. . It sounds slightly unusual but – funnily enough these are the question [yes it is true] that I am asked so many, many times and that is how I drew up this list!

  1. My vinyl record collection includes the Beatles album ‘Rubber Soul’ in mono.
  2. I own a red MG BGT 1978 and am a member of the Fingal Vintage Car Club.
  3. At 7 years old I was growing plants under my bed.
  4. His Mom made bring his plants to a local Marist Brothers college where in exchange for housing his plants he helped look after the college grounds.
  5. Peter is from a family of 10 – four boys and four girls.
  6. The first vegetables Peter ever grew where radish & lettuce in his back garden. His first plants where Geraniums & Cacti under his bed.
  7. At eight years old he started to cut grass. Pocket money for 8 children was an expensive hobby!
  8. His Father is MD of James Adams Vintners Ltd, wine merchants & his oldest brother is MD of Willowpark Contractors Ltd.
  9. Prior to Peter, no member of the family tree liked the garden!
  10. When Peter eventually sold his first car grass was growing on the back seats – a lawnmower was given away free with the poor Citroen AX to seal the deal