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a pile of rubbish for lusk

This isn’t a book review! This is a lot more serious, at least where I come from! I’m hesitant, slightly, to give my opinion here but with some decisions made by certain state authorities in Ireland, I begin to wonder their logic. Before I write any further, I do live near enough [5-8 miles away] but not near enough […]

hill of tara – human harp?

Due to popular demand and with special thanks to Muireann at indymedia Ireland here’s the result of Sundays event which attracted over 1500 people. Muireann also suggested that this website should be checked out when it is updated later today. – I don’t usually edit my blogs – but it had to happen for this […]

easier gardening – garden nirvana

This was my first ever article written for The Farmers Journal. Originally entitled ‘easier gardening’ it was published under the title Garden Nirvana October 23rd 2004. The great Dr David Robinson had passed sometime before and I remeber via email noting to my Editor Matt Dempsey that having gone through such an amazing life, knowing […]

flowers are driving me mad – again ?!

No Rubber Soul the garden I built in June for Bloom in the park was different? But I found this under the title ten reasons to go green via another really good ‘greener’ blog both of which are worth a dabble. Happy Saturday and lets just hope Ireland do better than last week in the rugby […]

politics – honesty is the best policy?

As it’s Friday I thought a coffee break from our own tribunal of the missing 30,000 euros would cheer us up. With Mr Ahern in mind maybe honesty is the best policy? CNN’s political ticker however may make you think slightly different. Can you imagine if Irish politicians took the same approach? We’d be laughing our […]