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website now fully accessible

Our new website is now fully accessible. To be honest, before meeting the gentlemen from Segala, I didn’t really know what accessibility was all about and why I should build a new website. It wasn’t until Adrian turned off the screen and told me to read my own web that I understood the point he was making. I felt I […]

computers down!

A Chara The servers for my website was down for part of today [saturday september 8th ’07] for some routine maintenance – just in case anyone was trying to log onto the website. My sincerest apologies. Although the blog was up and running I really appreciated with the amount of calls and emails I got to […]

getting paid

Does anybody know the answer to this equation? Two calls yesterday from two people in the trade both to say they just took a hit of a five figure sum of money where the client refuses to pay. No reason – just not getting paid. The problem is it seems as this colleague of mine […]