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Remember Luke Donegan. No relation. Seriously! He did the Garden Group Weblog Logo ? Luke made this logo for the newly named Sodcast for me today. Luke is 17 years old. He does this in his spare time for the craic. He’s @lukedoneganon twitter. Thanks Luke 😀


Big thanks to Anthony who fixed the wee iTunes podcast link [top right hand corner, just below blog RSS feed and email newsletter. Really great having great friends who are really cool people too. Thanks Anthony.

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In The Garden:

Organic – What The Fork ?

I got this email in mid week. Maria Rodale is Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers.

I don’t normally get worked up about some of the organic claims made by the organic industry but this one takes the biscuit.

In an interview in the Chicago Tribune this classic was pitched by Maria Rodale, head of the (in)famous Rodale Institute

Question: OK, so a family on a budget walks into a market this week and eyeballs the organic and nonorganic products. Should they pay the extra money for organic?

Answer: It depends whether or not they want their children to be healthy, smart, nonbehaviorally challenged and able to reproduce when they grow up. How much would you pay for therapy and medicine if your child had ADHD or autism or you needed in-vitro fertilization when they became an adult? Apply those dollars to your food budget and you will never have to go through that pain and misery. We are so fixated on price per pound that we are not looking at the bigger picture and good health is priceless

http://www.chicagot features/ food/sc-food- 0730-rodale- 20100730, 0,6719084. story

How Well Do You Know Your Weeds? :

I identified it. I was told I was wrong…. I won’t prompt you…. Leave a comment below….


This Weeks Oddities:

I needed a name for my weekly podcast show:

suggestions included:

Ever Been To:

This is Barley Cove, near Mizen Head in Cork. Home to Nadine O’Regan. Why would anyone want to leave Cork with this as your back garden….. New addition to my must visit, will visit list.


This is Pure Gold:

Sophie’s story about a horse that watches horse racing on tv. He’s called Jacque 😉

And Finally:

I first heard a variation of Tip toe through the tulips from Morgan Jones. He sent me this link mid week. I don’t think there is a finer way to end this weeks Sodcast 😉

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