A friend of mine Dave had decided he should refresh my image somewhat… I had these pics done by John and that’s when Dave stepped in. This is not the artwork, just a visual for now.

Dave blogs over at DavyMac

What d’you think…?

Stretched the photo, added a (new-ish) version of your logo – blue does not work with that photo, so went for light green. I took some more artistic licence with the trees too, but I think it looks pretty strong for branding, certainly is a BIG logo!
I tidied up the fitting of some of the blog elements near the masthead, to do this you’d have to change the code a bit, not much though, have you anyone who can do this? I also darkened the green in the navigation strip a little too.
My plan would be to send you a PNG file of the masthead graphic, including the tiny shadow transparency, so that it is just a rectangular element placed within the masthead, everything else lines up under it.