where have all the jobs gone….?



Have you got a good news, green if possible? If you’re getting window boxes for your office, you’ve moved to a greener place, you bought water butts, you recycle your coffee grinds…… you employed someone to cut the grass??! Let me know…

Here’s why….
In The Sunday Business Post yesterday I spotted a tiny little paragraph [ I have it circled in blue marker in the picture above….? in the top right hand corner…?] It reads

wind company to create 100 jobs
A new wind company in Monaghan is to create 100 jobs through the production of a wind turbine range, which they claim will be half the price of similar turbines on the market. Moffett Wind Power is now taking orders for 100 kilowatt turbines, which are aimed at the domestic, farm and small business market. A range of models from 1.5kw up to 100kw will soon be added to the production line to meet all demands.

On Friday of last week I reported that

Galway based Firm C & F are going to lead the world in wind technology and create 250 jobs [i wonder how front pages that got… darned media]

In other worthy news [that I spotted] Super Valu have agreed a deal to buy an added €500,000 worth of tomatoes from 8 Irish growers known as Quality Green. That’s a whopping €1.6 million euro worth of tomatoes!!!

Maybe I’ve got the maths all wrong here… but thats 350 jobs. Three Hundred and Fifty jobs….. Since Friday. In wind energy alone. Maybe it is simply the case that good news doesn’t deserve applause…?

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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    Wind power by Moffett and C&F…ha! I believe it when I see it. There have been a lot of false starts in this Green arena and particularly in Wind Generation. One only has to look at the B&Q fiasco a few years ago.

    Do Moffett or C&F have a pedigree in making generating equipment? Although they both have solid engineering backgrounds, I do see how they not technology. All we hear is a trumpet call. No product, no marketing plans or even prices. Not even a Website!! Seems odd. If reactions to this statement prove me wrong, then all the better and let’s get them out in the open and wish them lots of luck

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