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Firstly, I am not a big fan of landfills. Full stop. No-one wants them on their doorstep. But – but, everyone ‘on the doorstep’ uses them. A fair point? I think so. To the matter in hand…

I got a press release [read it in full here] to my mailbox that Clare County Council had received a *Non-Compliance Order From the EPA* regarding odour issues at its Central Waste Management Facility at Ballyduffbeg, near Inagh in County Clare.

The report relates to out-of-hours odour surveys carried out by an EPA inspector, who was based in the vicinity of the landfill from 31 January to 4 February 2009.

[who] …reported an odour, which he described as “moderate and impersistent” on 14 out of the 54 occasions. The EPA definition of a moderate odour is one that is ‘’easily detectable while walking and breathing normally, possibly offensive’’.

I emailed the PR company who drafted the release. They put me in touch with Clare County Councils Director of Service Ger Dollard. A nice guy. Here’s our conversation:

I emailed the PR firm first:

A Chara Mark
I was wondering if Clare County Coucil may be able to give details reagrding the ‘odour patrol’ – what exactly is an odour patrol ?
many thanks
Your query below refers.
An odour patrol relates to staff representatives not working at the landfill driving a predetermined route on a regular basis to assess any odour issues at pre determined points.
The HSE also undertakes a separate odour patrol on a fortnightly basis whereby staff from the HSE drive around the general area and make a determination whether or not odour is evident at any particular location.
Hope this addresses your query.
Gerard Dollard
Director of Service
A Chara Ger,
thank you for replying to my mail. For someone who knows little about this, do do they use specific equipment or is it just a sense of smell?
many thanks
Just a sense of smell. Staff not involved in the site are used so that it is a “fresh” perspective.
Eventually Ger called me. And so it seems The EPA’s specialist equipment for measuring smells is the nose they were born with. You heard me correctly… I know for example with aeroplanes we can measure noise levels. But your nose :roll:
So THE EPA detect a smell. They report it. And on the basis of some guys nose as scientific evidence, Clare County Council are brought to court and fined and prosecuted. Is this for real?
I spoke at length with Ger. I explained the rediculous point at which county councils had gone to to promote household recycling of tea bags, grass & egg shells [yada yada…] in *our* compost heaps – then they brought out the mandatory brown bin – such ill-logic.
My question now is where are all the big guns… the free public relations people & county councillors… where is Cllr. Madeleine Taylor Quinn of Fine Gael the Mayor of Clare and her Deputy Mayor Cllr. Bill Chambers of Fianna Fáil…. Well were are you?


  1. Roseanne Smith March 26, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    Well they definitely had an odour detector gadget on CSI once but Grisson pooh-poohed it (Bu-dum-dum-shh)

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort March 27, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    A Chara Roseanne,

    are you suggesting…
    C.S.I. E.P.A. 😆
    like it.. love it!

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