Dear Mr Lenihen,

i followed your budget yesterday. I don’t personally mind too much of it to be very honest! However, it does affect more than me. For the record George Lee doesn’t really inspire a nation.

I do remember the 1980’s when unemployment was tipping around 375k, emigration was approximately 35-45k p.a., the national debt was 27-30 billion and those who could get a job where paid most likely under the counter – which is how most things where bought as a result. Do you remember?


'brian can you hear me?'

I would ask… are you trying to bring this country backwards? or are you vying make people leave Ireland to reduce the live register? I won’t discuss the health system as it’s not really a place for it [it stinks by the way and you should be ashamed – see Angela Merkel for further details]. I appreciate your own pay cuts – [it should be higher] but, if you are going to lead a country of people [?] – I would suggest you talk to them first.. and maybe try to lead by example… Whilst I am it… take a leaf from The Greens book, lead [?] by example and make all government ministers cycle to work.

How much do all those cars cost including fuel, drivers, insurance, servicing – I pay for them?

For the record – I added this to loudervoice – as it’s my review of the budget [with relevance to a market i operate within]

Of course if your really bored with listening to George Lee, check out the garden polls… [click here]