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book review - food for free

book review - food for free

At €17.60 – this ‘life enhancing classic’ could nearly buy you a good meal and a glass of fine wine… In the scheme of things it’s pricy. But is it well worth it?

From revealing the truth behind the myth that dock leaves cure is akin to the powers of a tooth fairy; to making your own lime tea and what common weeds can be eaten [or if eaten incorrectly what effects it may have….] etc…

This literally is a true gem. Certainly worthy of a review and a place in my library. A lot of ‘gardening’ books I buy are useless, repetetive or signed off by a name that will guarantee sales. This fits none of these categories. Surprisingly it was first published in 1972 and in this day and age of chicken rearing, nettle soup and plasma tv’s, the like of John Seymour[God bless a legend] and Richard Maybey it seems are having somewhat of a cult revival, I’m glad to say.

4/5 minus one for price.

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