Fluffy links – green style

Firstly whats a fluffy – invented by Mr Mulley a genius of the computing world Fluffys are pretty much little trinkets found on ones travels online. I doubt there has ever been one for gardening – greenish related but here goes my attempt. Thanks Damien.

first up michael schumachers garden

peter donegan landscaping topiary

jane halls ecoshop – gone be the days of the wind up radio… it solar for me

barbee says a gardeners best tool – is the computer…. ?

oxfam ireland sell really cool wooden trains [online]

greenhouses – any size any place anywhere i like the oldstyle

this girl rocks – literally

your mama’s rich & daddys good looking? … i wanna house here

one of my own – can’t see it anywhere else – free water butts. Which leads me to…

conor pope on recycling & because he’s cool & does The Ray today fm show

green tv absolutely fantastic – i love it

guerilla gardening – seeing is believing video below

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