I’m not a massive fan of mass fast foods. I like my planet and I try to be good. But I found a place in Swords called YO! SUSHI [North Co. Dublin] that doesn’t sell water in a plastic bottle! Something I refuse to do. I want it in an earth friendly recyclable glass – from a tap.

I remember the ‘Ballygowan Man’ on rte years ago saying that he was going to sell water in a bottle… and people laughed! It wasn’t plastic at the time and in those days way back you returned your milk bottles.

MY POINT? The Green Party are trying to reduce the amount this country sends to landfill… well here’s [part] of your solution. Give me water in a glass and reuse it.

They also want to encourage people to use locally sourced food well aparantly the YO! swords lads do that too from the fish lads in Howth – just up the road. Not bad for a food chain. I say bualadh bos! By the way the staff are really excellent [and friendly], the food tastes of real food and I whilst I don’t watch my weight I know I’ll stay my size after eating there. Gone be the days of fish every Friday for a family eight Irish kids in the 1980′s! When Wham and The A Team where really cool.

Anyhow anywhere I can eat well that does our environment proud deserves recognition.

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