Landscaping: Small Contemporary Garden Makeover

small garden landscaping ireland

There are two main factors that make any garden really something to be really proud of. And though it does play a role, if you are thinking that it’s the budget then I’m afraid you are somewhat mistaken.

The main culprits are in fact one really cool client [I hate that word...] and an end result that is an interpretation photsynthetically speaking, so to speak, of what the client actually wants.

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This Landscaping Blog

peter donegan

It’s somewhere around about a few months ago that I was supposed to do one big whopper of a post highlighting all of the great things I did over the last 12 months. A review of my year that was 2013 so to speak. I didn’t. And I’m not going to do one of them. Not this year. No apparent reason. I just couldn’t be arsed. Not, not arsed. I just don’t feel like it. The damn things take three days or so to write anyway.

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Family Back Garden. Malahide, Co Dublin

family back garden, dublin

I have always thought of gardens in two ways.

The first: When you go to a place in Ireland like Inis Mór. Nothing wrong with it at all, but it’s not really a Dublin City Centre with too much to do type spot, if you get me. And though you come away knowing you it is the place where fairy tales are made, in reality we and you both know you saw very little outside of Joe Watty’s pub and your accommodation. In short, it is the people that make the island so fantastically beautiful.

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Temple Street, Inis Mor Half Marathon 2014

peter donegan, kevin rowe, inis mor, temple street

Saturday just gone myself and a host of others crossed the half marathon finish line on the wonderful island of Inis Mór all for the good folks of Temple Street Childrens Hospital.

I’ll leave the reasons why Temple Street is so close to my heart to one side for now. I will note however that I could not have chose better company to complete the 13.5 miles with than that of Nick McGivney [pictured below] and Kevin Rowe [above].

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Instant Garden: Malahide, Co. Dublin

instant lawn, dublin

This lawn was laid as part of a garden project that really is so much more than just lawn. I’ll maybe cover that in a seperate post in a while, after the finishing touches have been added. You’ll absolutely love it ;)

And whilst Donegan Landscaping should be showing (and also is… if you get me) only the finest sides of my work, there is something in my mind that just loves that extreme metamorphosis from almost waste ground appearance overgrown with weeds to homely, in one 7 second video…. it almost looks good enough to eat.

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Expert Garden Speaker: Clare Garden Festival 2014

clare garden festival 2014, expert garden speakers

I’m not too sure where the expert and celebrity speaker title came from, but it’s in the press release [see below] and who am I to argue with that ? ;)

My not so good sense of humour aside, it was an absolute honour to be asked to speak at this years Clare Garden Festival 2014. And, apart from the fact that I love the place (and the craic) and the people there are just fantastic; I missed the gig for other work project commitment reasons last year and horticulturally that sort of got to me, horticulturally.

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